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About Northumberland All-Sky LIVE

The Northumberland All-Sky Camera is a north facing camera that offers a wide angle view of most of the sky. The camera is located in the village of Embleton close to the Northumberland coast, it runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week updating a new image on this page approximately every minute.

This camera was originally born from my interest in the observing the night sky. I wanted something that I could use to easily check sky conditions, in particular looking out for Northern Lights activity and good conditions for astrophotography.   

The camera is a simple home built affair, however, it offers a quick and accurate assessment of current sky conditions over the North Northumberland Coast. 

I thought I’d share this camera online so others can enjoy the dark starry skies of Northumberland from the comfort of their own home ! On a clear moonless night you may be lucky enough to spot the faint trail of the Milky Way or even see the Northern Lights shimmering low to the north above the old ruined cottage. In the continuous twilight of the mid-summer nights look out for noctilucent clouds.

Northumberland All-Sky LIVE Equipment

Northumberland All-Sky Live is a simple home made all-sky camera. All of the components used are readily available for purchase online and it is easy to assemble into a working unit you just need some basic DIY skills. I have listed the equipment used below:  

Camera - ZWO ASI 224MC

This is a relatively low end astronomy camera that is ideal for picking up detail in low light conditions. There are many other similar suitable cameras available varying in price and quality.

Lens - Arecont Vision 1.55mm All-Sky Camera Lens

A small lens designed specifically for all-sky cameras, it gives a near 180° view of the sky when combined with the ZWO ASI 224MC.

Outer Casing - Outdoor Electrical Junction Box & Perspex Dome with added dew heater element

In order to ensure the all-sky camera is weather proof and remains free of dew I built an enclosure out of a weather sealed outdoor fuse box.

The box has a hole cut in the top for the camera and a dew prevention/dew heater loop fitted. The perspex dome is silicone sealed on the top of the box and electrical wires are also silicone sealed inside an electrical gland.


This camera is hooked up to an old laptop with one function, to run the AllSkEye software and update the image on this page every 60 seconds.

The AllSkEye software is free software developed specifically for managing an all-sky camera.

You can download this software for free from the AllSkEye website

ZWO ASI 224MC & outdoor junction box
Lid of outer casing with hole cut out for camera and dew prevention ring fitted
Completed waterproof enclosure, painted with perspex dome silicone sealed
Outdoor junction box & perspex dome
Camera installed
Wiring routed through outdoor electrical gland (silicone sealed)